We pride ourselves with providing the best quality and highly cost effective services in support of the swift Platform. We offer various Value Propositions to meet different needs:
Turnkey Delivery of Devices
We are happy to deliver your device with our middleware, customized with your specified applications, fully tested, deployed and supported as a turnkey service. For example, we can deliver a low end zapper STB or a hybrid IPTV and Broadcast STB at a highly competitive price removing all the headache and risk from you. Often the cost of software integration on a STB or similar device together with the cost of software development adds as much as 25% to the overall per unit cost of a STB. We can completely remove this cost in our turnkey contracts.
Development Outsourcing
Over the life time of a device you often require many different applications to be developed. We can offer a small team to support you in this effort, and/or to build a roadmap of applications that will offer a truly differentiated customer experience. We can offer highly cost effective development outsourcing for these applications from our Eastern European development centres.
Fixed Price Porting Service
We can deliver a highly cost effective and fixed price port to any hardware and operating system. This means your costs are fully defined and fixed from the beginning.
Training and Support
We can support you in building your Next Generation TV with a future proof solution and a highly experienced team. We can deliver fixed price ongoing service to you, so that the total cost of ownership of the swift platform is fully understood at the outset.
If needed, we can bring deep systems integration and extensive delivery experience at competitive prices.

Our team brings experience in software platforms design. This experience has resulted in an environment that is revolutionary, enabling simple application development coupled with stability and portability.

What we can offer:
  • Deep Technical Skills – ability to tap into a resource pool that covers most of our clients technical needs
  • Turnkey and support for port of Swift to any of your chosen devices and hardware platforms
  • Extensive experience of designing EPGs and STB software environment
  • Have worked with all major STB vendors on IPTV, Cable and Satellite STBs
  • Deep expertise in different STB middleware platforms
  • Deep expertise on implementation of STB software and all the integration and delivery related technologies and system integration
  • Video Service Quality Management tools and OSS applications for STB management (e.g. embedded monitoring and diagnostic tools)
  • Low cost – ability to provide expert resources at very competitive rates by using a blend of resources from our UK and near shore development centres
  • Mix of Onshore and Offshore – ability to provide these resources on-site or offshore
  • Delivery experience – ability to guarantee projects success by combining specialist resources with experienced technical delivery managers
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