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    Swift is the High Performance Application Platform
    for the Internet of Things
    designed to support fast and fluid
    user interfaces
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    swift was built to deliver advanced,
    interactive user experience
    with minimal hardware resources
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    Seamless content across multiple devices
    Apps are re-usable
    on PC’s, STB’s, Tablets, phones,
    Car Dashboard, White Goods, Wearable, ...

High performance

Built for speed and efficient resource utilisation, provides instant response time for an advanced user interface.

Cost efficiency

Allows operators to extend the lifespan of their investment and to optimize future investments.


Using innovative rendering technique, creates a unique user experience through powerful animations and transitions.

swift Middleware Platform

If you need a cross platform, innovative and highly functional application middleware platform swift is the intelligent choice.

  • swift allows rapid application development using any development paradigm that suites your developers and as such significantly reduces the cost of building applications.
  • swift provides a high level of robustness, which is difficult to achieve in embedded application development environments.
  • swift enables you develop your applications once and use it on all your devices seamlessly.
  • swift has already been ported to a diversity of mobile devices, tablets, STBs and PCs.

The Value Proposition

swift middleware offers a unique user experience by supporting the creation of highly responsive user interfaces. At its core sits the innovative animation engine which enables the creation of powerful animations and transitions at 50 fps, more than twice as fast as current browser technologies. The product is extensible and customizable through plug-ins, including standards-based JavaScript and HTML enabling continuous, sustainable service innovation, the ability to create rich user experiences and the ability to rapidly add applications and services. With its open architecture, it allows for quick integration with VOD and back-office systems as well as seamless porting to other devices without modification to the UX. swift demonstrates how thoughtful software engineering can deliver high performance on both legacy and next generation devices, delivering a new business case for Next Generation Television
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